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—-READ—- not my video its Xendrius he let me upload check out his channel for more videos like this THIS IS NOT FAKE AS SOME FOOLS MIGHT BELIEVE. ORIGINAL OFFICIAL VIDEO WITH OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS: DOWNLOAD IT USING ANY PROGRAM AND SLOW IT DOWN. VIDEO: A truly recent discovery showing Nicki Minaj exposed as another possessed Illuminati artist. Hopefully alot of her fans will discover this video & realize why she became famous in the first place. What the Illuminati does with these artists is truly similar to what they do to their puppets in politics, they make them part of a ritual, they assign a demon to that person, & that demon takes over their body whenever they need to perform/act. MK ultra mind mastery is often used, or other trauma based mind mastery where they create different personalities.

Hey everyone :) This is a new segment I am starting on my channel called “The World Through the Eyes of ChaoticCorey”. Basically, I will be discussing anything that’s huge in the world at the time (Movies, New Music Videos, Songs, News Stories) But of course, I will discuss it in a truly entertaining way :) Nicki Minaj’s Superbass Video: Twitter: Second Channel: Music Channel:
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  1. taylorrjohnn says:

    @ 3:00 those aren’t even the fucking lyrics to “run this town” by jay-z. worst of all, that’s not even rihanna’s voice. video’s fake as? fuck.

  2. JonO387 says:


  3. 4everflydiadia1212 says:

    omg, im so scared now,? i loved nicki at first but when i saw this i was just soooo….. SHOCKED!! 0 .0

  4. origamikiller012 says:

    no wonder you people believe this shit. your all religious nuts! someone gives a a reasonable explanation to why its like that and all you can think to say is. hurr? durr your wrong believe in jesus, oh you don’t believe in jesus oh you are ignorant then.

  5. CityPlays says:

    ZOMG? Can i keep it?

  6. benmacabre says:

    Wow aren’t we in? denial. But Jesus did say not everyone is meant for the truth.

  7. anarchy3E says:

    i bet the government is making all these vids to distract us from the real issues
    notice how proffesional some of these clips are
    are they really made from teens with too much time on their hands?
    the fact the everyone on youtube is screaming “illuminati” should tell you something
    that illuminati are just a distraction for something? greater

  8. flametard says:

    she had a fake pope be her date to whitney houston’s funeral. :O? no respect.

  9. origamikiller012 says:

    That comment made no sense whatsoever.What? knowledge do i need to know? that your little conspiracy theory is bullshit, and you are just gonna repeat the same bullshit over and over.

  10. angela maddalon says:

    wow? really? lame.

  11. Hannahelliott7 says:

    Thats obviously because you have little knowledge and haven’t looked deep enough into it…?

  12. AssassinOfLies says:

    1)disinfo of the false reptillian theory by editing a video to make the appearance of fake reptile eyes.


    2)that demon possession that she? and every other sold soul that this satanic ass so called white man done deceived really did that to her eyes.

  13. TheSocial45 says:

    okay why do you make this video seem so? scary?

  14. kikiclark12 says:

    Man what ever?

  15. skitty0815 says:

    This? is weird cuz i was taking pictures of myself the other day and when i looked at it my eyes were just like that a reptile type of eyes its weird…

  16. origamikiller012 says:

    so basically everyone who is? rich and famous are the devil? and if they die it has to do with the illuminati? right because thats what i keep seeing

  17. STR3032 says:

    But who? exactly made these ‘signs’ and so called ‘proof’. Just because somebody put a video on YouTube saying that a triangular sign means that these people are devil worshipers you take that as fact? How do you justify that? All these conspiracy theories are just aiding their success. It’s giving them publicity, because people take it as fact without even thinking for themselves. And if they are so called ‘devil woshippers’ – how exactly does that concern you? Are you related to them?

  18. BIBANG1 says:

    I remember listening to? a song and beginning of it it said “ILLUMINATI!!!!!” creepy

  19. STR3032 says:

    But who exactly made these ‘signs’ and this so called ‘proof’. Just cause someone made a video saying an ok sign means you worship they worship, you take that as fact? How do you? justify that?

  20. dangboof says:

    WE AREALONE the entire ufo-aliens speculation is another “terrorism” scenerio invented by government to yet again keep us living in fear. there is NO THREAT from aliens. this is a conspiracy planted by the cia to keep us focused on a minor detail instead of the? big picture.

  21. dangboof says:

    considering the amount of information you yourself know what exactly are you questioning?? how did you find your information? knowing that someone. anyone for that matter was pin pointed is enough. and you are correct. these same projects [and more] are happening now just more “top secret”. eventually every “secret” is exposed in all due time.

  22. SpammyAngiaGIR says:

    lol.i dont rlly understand the song either B) but its kinda catchy..i must? admit…

  23. aspenmiller101 says:

    I.? Love. Your. Shirt. Clemson Rules!

  24. mirandamarissa1 says:

    Not 2 be rude but it sorta seems like? ur acting like Kingsley lol but wat ev. BYE:)

  25. wisedi says:

    Man soup!? :)

  26. thekuan says:

    You should have dressed up in a tutu and you would have been famous. ?

  27. jwluvespups2000 says:


  28. LollipopLeila says:

    Lowwe Herr . Fly MeanssWen Some’Onee iiS Pengg? Or Sexyy. Youu Buttazz Bwoii Kmtt Youu Nedd Tu Low UrSelf Coz Youu Dontt KNoww Any’Thing Bowt Street Languagee ‘ & & ‘ Nicki Minaj iRate Her ANdd Youu Nevaa Will .

  29. DJrox14 says:

    Haha when you saluted at the end I always do stuff like that and then say why did I do that like one time I saw a gorilla at a museum and I was like “hey there’s a gorilla” while doing the chicken wings an then I said “why am I doing the? chicken wings”

  30. theAlex8694 says:

    The car in the video was a ferrari :O not that it matters? or anything, but hell thats a waste of money.

  31. TheQuinceySmith says:

    Your? my new best friend okay?

  32. kittie4427 says:

    he is soooo right about that slutty bitch!?

  33. missmegancook says:

    “how can you do? that!?” i can do it..

  34. ilovehellokitty51 says:

    Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much much talking!?

  35. 12lolipop says:

    kk yeah; dont? appreciate it.

  36. Bakerswife1225 says:

    SUPERB ASS!!!?

  37. welcom2fancysworld says:

    Okay so my initial reaction was to be upset because i am a DIE HARD FAN of nicki m but i must admit, ur video was super dooper funny.? Your awesomee haha.
    And maybe this will help u a little:
    When she says: “m-m-m- my your like pelican fly” shes not talking about pelicans flying. Its sort of like a play on words. The word “fly” is also slang for; someone who is attractive, sexy, cute etc. =D
    Toodles muahsxx

  38. BreatheFascination says:

    2,000th view(:?