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(EXCLUSIVE) Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat” ft. Nicki Minaj – Behind the Scenes [DS2DIO]


SUBSCRIBE to DS2DIO for updates: tWitch & Cameron have some more hidden footage for entirely the Beliebers out there — Jon M. Chu talking with BAAB choreographer Nick DeMoura & assistant choreographers Kevin Maher & Tucker Barkley about the making of this epic, record-breaking music video! Here it is: What’d you think?? DS2DIO 360 is your dance lifestyle guide, bringing you new videos every week featuring Stephen “tWitch” Boss (So You Think You Can Dance, Step Up Revolution) & Cameron Goodman (Wild ‘N Out, 90210). Get entirely the latest DS2DIO updates here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest: Instagram: @DS2DIO Want to know more about DS2DIO?? Watch this:


  1. r0mb0m says:


  2. Merzz1 says:

    man? theyre so dang talented

  3. 142isabella says:

    i looooove nick’s laugh when he says “none” LOL?

  4. bboyfalcon23 says:

    what bboys participate on this video??’?

  5. sussi boo bear says:

    attention? seeker…..

  6. WtfGebtmirnenNamen says:

    the vid is awesome
    tricking should be in more music videos and films
    john m? chu is the best choreographer ever

  7. diego alves says:

    bmcmb hgbhjk ?

  8. HarryBeast1990 says:

    You’re? gay right¿

  9. Byaziinha Bya says:

    Véii éérmo MELHOOOOR dos MELHOREEES clip’s dele deus que? te abençoe amoor

  10. ???? ??????? says:

    he’s so fucking lucky?

  11. kali levi says:


  12. Karissa Yamat says:

    Sooo many GREAT dancers..I saw ian eastwood, brian puspos! …..then u got awesome star? like nicki and justin

  13. BiebsGirlLovesMakeup says:

    hey? my pips

  14. lvgirlvago says:

    I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡????????????????

  15. hannabakke3194 says:

    He’s just being? his dorky self.. hahaha

  16. suxxboy8 says:

    Jb got small balls I feel sorry for? salena but good song:-D